Creative types in the advertising business seem to spend a lot of their time job hopping. Six months here. A year and a half there. To be honest, I was no different.

There was my 11-year eye blink at Doyle Dane Bernbach--in the days when Bill’s name hadn’t been contracted to the letter B, preceded by two Ds. That was followed by only 30 years at Chiat/Day (It took me a while to get used to that TBWA part).

That’s pretty much my advertising resume. Two jobs. The two best jobs a copywriter could ask for. Two jobs that made it unnecessary to try for three. Until now.

Recently retired from full-time agency work, I’m finally answering the siren song of freelance (unless that’s just an ambulance going by) to offer up all that experience in consumer print, broadcast, direct response and interactive media.

They say it’s a good idea to learn a new skill when you retire--at least I think someone said that--and building my own website seemed like a good place to start. So, with the help of Apple iWeb (you were expecting me to learn html?) this is it.

The art direction may be rudimentary--case in point, that oddly shaped hole in the lower right quadrant above, that I just couldn’t seem to fill. But throughout the site, you’ll notice that the strategies are sound, the concepts inventive, and all the words in all the ads have been expertly selected, correctly spelled (with one exception) and cunningly arranged.

The webmaster (me) recommends viewing my site with Safari or Firefox. Internet Explorer seems to do weird, some might say subversive, things to it, especially on PCs.

David Butler • Freelance Copywriter

Butler Did It, The